More than seven decades of experience

We are an energetic and innovative company in the Indian market backed by promoters with MORE THAN seven decades of experience in exports of doormats and mattings. In a business where quality is essential but often overlooked, we have built a reputation as a quality leader.

We are passionate about providing our customers with high quality products and the highest standards of service with a commitment to the Indian consumer TO BRING the world’s best doormats to every doorstep.
As mat specialIsts, matzONE offers a comprehensive range of door mats suitable for any situation, for the Home, For the Office, For Commercial Spaces and the Outdoors.

We provide an extensive range of superior quality mats and mattings that are exclusively sourced worldwide as well as products manufactured at our factory that are meant for the export market.
The range includes decorative and functional indoor & outdoor mats.
Our range is more decorative, functional and superior to the mats available in the market. You can count on us for high quality products, reliable delivery and good service. At matzONE we are always happy to offer help and advice about our products. If you would like advice when choosing your mat or assistance after purchase, please be free to contact us.

Comprehensive range of door mats
suitable for the Home & Office

 We provide an extensive range of superior quality mats and mattings that are exclusively
sourced  worldwide,  as well as the products manufactured at our factory
are meant for the export market.


A dirt & dust barrier that helps to keep a clean….Interior !! Synthetic loop pile/ needle punched carpet vulcanized into a solid rubber base with embossed designs.


Keeps dirt and grime where they belong….Outside !! 100% Coir / Kokos and also in combination of coir surface vulcanized into a rubber base.


A personalized choice or a trendy collection on a fully functional mat for the... Entrance!! Printed designs on various surfaces.


Elegant and effective in keeping the home clean


Weather proof and made for the rough….Outdoor !! Vulcanised natural and recycled rubber mat with open, closed or pin profiles

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A Doormat for every Home, every situation.
The RIGHT door mat solution for

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Kreo Concepts Marketing Private Limited
37/379-A, (MRA 96)
Muttathil Lane, Jawahar Nagar
Kadavanthra, Kochi
Kerala – 682 020
+91 984 609 2777
+91 484 486 5736

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